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Katelan was interviewed by Tash Jayasinghe for Little Flutters, a wonderful blog bringing creativity and culture straight to your home.  Here is the video.  Click the link to see the rest of the post and to check out Tash’s wonderful website.  It’s definitely one of our faves.  Little Flutters


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Because the world should be better: punk rock, poetry, pisspot reviews, patent insanity, and more (maybe)

click the image to get to the blog.

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I came across www.goodprattle.com a while ago during a search for interview blogs.  They recently posted an interview with one of my all-time favorite musicians Amanda Palmer.  Check out the interview and write a few lists. I know I did.  Click the pic to go straight to the interview and while you’re at it check out the rest of the wonderful site.


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tbw proof

Here’s a picture of the proof copy.  Being astrology lovers we’ll be waiting to release the book until after the retrograde.

And in other news here is a fun website that lets you peruse the shelves of other writers, artists, activists, etc.  Follow this link to Katelan’s bookshelves and a brief bio about them and then check out the other fine contributors.

Katelan’s bookshelves

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