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Bleeding Heart
(One moment with myself through you)
by Blanca

I sink my hand with metal nails Straight into your chest

I take your heart still pumping life
And put it on my lap
One look at you—a shallow shell
Your heart is not your own
I see your ribs, a shallow cage
You’re dust, you’re fear, you’re loss
Forever cold, forever sad
you hide behind your mask
The world will end and you’ll remain
Entrenched within your walls

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these heaping bones

by kathleen raftery

grass stained dress
bare legs of dry blood and stitch.
i’ve worked my lifetime to get here,
wrung towels dry and scaled the Himalayas.
set ablaze to scarecrows in the field,
no longer afraid to share my harvest.
so i won’t ride with you in this boxcar set for Chelmno
diving shallow waters
that offer little intrigue.
it shant work that i am me
and only one of us knows that that is truly splendid.

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