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The end of the world is coming and the major players gather in
Southwark to argue for the souls of men. Will God win out or Satan
prevail? What messages will come from the spirit of Borough’s medieval
prostitute, The Goose, and her shaman the mysterious John Crow?

a once-in-a-decade chance to experience

The Southwark Mysteries
by John Constable
Southwark Cathedral
22nd, 23rd, 24th April 2010 at 7.15pm (doors open: 6.45)

Inspired by the medieval mystery plays, which adapted Bible stories to
their own time and place, the play is rooted in the history of
Bankside and fuses traditional elements with local folklore and
contemporary humour…

The Southwark Mysteries has been performed in full once only, to a
capacity audience in Shakespeare’s Globe and Southwark Cathedral on
Easter Sunday, 23 April 2000.

Exactly ten years on, this new production in the Cathedral features
top professional actors, an adult community cast and three school

In the preceding week there will be free performances of scenes from
the play at The Scoop, More London, and key Bankside locations.

Tickets available through the website: http://www.southwarkmysteries.co.uk/


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We will have high res downloadable posters on the Knickerbocker site.  Stay tuned for details.

TBW 11 x 17 cubed small

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What was your experience like with TBW?

Great! Everyone is so varied and intriguing yet really interested in what the others have to offer.

What was the inspiration for your images?

I chose difference facets of my personality since I feel that I everyone is such a mixture of likes/dislikes, pursuits and passions.

What did you learn about yourself from the experience?

I learned that I can be dark and scary. It takes a lot for that side of me to come out to play.

Do you feel you are in the same state of mind as when you started?

I feel that a lot has changed in my life since working with TBW and there are now even more sides to Lisa Grace. That’s not entirely a good thing as life is even more complicated than it used to be. Yet I suppose one can equate complicated with exciting at times.

What advice would you give to those wanting to take their own portraits?

Do what whatever desire! Chase your moods, your visions, and your dreams. Be creative, put the timer on and go. I think the digital world gives us all the ability to make our own glamour at home.


Location: London, UK
Sun Sign: Libra
Virtue: I’m nice
Vice: I’m more selfish than you think
Secret Self Esteem Booster: shoe shopping
What Inspires You: the ocean
Playlist (give 5-10 songs on your ipod) You are the best thing, Ray LaMontagne, Always take the weather with you, crowded house, fighter, christina Aguilera, northwest passage, stan rogers


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