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my favorite lover

i spent the morning sipping coffee, curled up with Billy*, my favorite lover.
to be fair, everyone is my favorite lover in the moment, including myself.
spontaneous and fresh
his words moved through my bones like espresso jazz fused with kundalini
i kept him on my tongue while the light grew from warm to neutral
and the grains of the day slipped through the neck of morning
i was paralyzed to all other tasks
his talent to romanticize so delightfully distracting
not romanticizing in an Ovid-esque way of course
but rather unearthing the majesty of cracked wood
there is beauty in the cracks, he tells me
our lives are unfinished floorboards collecting dust
they are not evenings spent at the Adriatic Sea
and, even if they were, there would of course still be
cracks in the sand.

*billy collins


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inside angie

inside Kathleen

inside Blanca

You can check out Emmily Federer’s pics from inside the book here

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We will have high res downloadable posters on the Knickerbocker site.  Stay tuned for details.

TBW 11 x 17 cubed small

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these heaping bones

by kathleen raftery

grass stained dress
bare legs of dry blood and stitch.
i’ve worked my lifetime to get here,
wrung towels dry and scaled the Himalayas.
set ablaze to scarecrows in the field,
no longer afraid to share my harvest.
so i won’t ride with you in this boxcar set for Chelmno
diving shallow waters
that offer little intrigue.
it shant work that i am me
and only one of us knows that that is truly splendid.

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If you are in NYC and are interested in attending please email katelan@knickerbockercircus.com and I will get you an invite.apARTment party invite-1

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Our second TBW woman interviewed is Kathleen Raftery.  For Sherene Schostaks interview go here.

What was your experience like with TBW?
A good friend invited me to submit my work. She thought that my kundalini was pretty low and needed a creative jump start. It worked.

What was the inspiration for your images?

I knew that in at least one picture I wanted to use items that have impacted my life. Photography, travel and alcohol are all things that have shaped and changed how I see myself and other people and I knew that I wanted to incorporate them in some way.

What did you learn about yourself from the experience?

That I look so much like my mother!

Do you feel you are in the same state of mind as when you started?

Recently I decided to host an art show in my apartment. I love being involved with other people who are creating, talking to them and getting a window into their creative process. I think that submitting my pictures for the book put me in a state of artistic collaboration, wanting to continue to be part of something bigger than myself.

What advice would you give to those wanting to take their own portraits?

Just go for it. Digital cameras have made trial and error wonderfully efficient. And while it is important to get feedback to help improve the most important part is to just have fun with it. It is about enjoying the experience of taking the pictures as much as the outcome.


Location: New York City

Sun Sign: Aries

Virtue: loyalty

Vice: Sweet & Low. I know its bad for me but I use an unbelievable amount in my coffee everyday.

Secret Self Esteem Booster: I take a few mindful breaths, very slowly and with awareness of the breath. At the end I’m always left feeling better about myself and my circumstances.

What Inspires You: Really great poetry. It sounds so corny but an amazing poem can make me weep and also give me a crazy boost of adrenalin at the same time. It is intimidating to read wonderful works but it also sparks sounds and images in my head that lead to some of my own writing.

Playlist (give 5-10 songs on your ipod)

Abel by The National
Hound dog by Big Mama Thorton
Sober by Pink
One More Hour by Sleater Kinney
Marine Life by Oakely Hall
Candy by The Ravonettes
Its (mostly) old songs but these are the ones on repeat.

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