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There comes a time in our lives where we have to let an aspect of it go.  I started to do this when I wrote my memoir Blood and Pudding, and pushed the journey further when I put together They Be We.  Memoirs and self-portraits go hand and hand.  The more you delve into your persona the more you understand how it works.  We come across patterns.  Some of these patterns have helped us through life and others have hindered us.  Once you dig deep enough, you know which ones have to go. Saying goodbye to that inner nag, the negative self can be extremely hard.  Especially when it is our comfort zone.  Sometimes we let the negative self take over.  This is usually caused by self-esteem issues, not thinking we are worth it.  We think, “That person is so much better at this.” or “This is the best it’s going to get.”  Letting these negative thoughts get the best of us not only hinders our actions, but it blocks our paths.  Every single one of us deserves the best life we can live.  It’s all about clearing away blocks and letting in light.  Of course in order to find the light we must take a journey through the darkness.  Just don’t let it encase you.

A few days ago my friend Jacob and I decided to take these Victorian post-mortem photos.  Morbid? A little.  Liberating? Very much so.  By putting to rest behaviors that hold us back we can advance to the next level in our lives.  Freeing ourselves of these behaviors that bind us to inaction, indecision, and stagnation.  Use this time with your camera to find you, write in journals, and release what holds you back.  Don’t let that baggage weigh you down when the doors start to fly wide open.


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