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Emmily Federer from “They Be We” is doing her own take on the project and just posted a “Call for Submissions” If you are interested please email her at the address provided below. Both men and women can submit to the project. Now go on and submit your fine life stories.

Do you have a group




you’re proud of?

One you slave away for every day?

One you hate, but have to have?

One you want everyone to see?

Step up and make yourself stand out,

Join the Division.

My personal and visual project is inspired by the incredible compilation, “They Be We”

Having an opportunity to give you a voice, a face, a story, is my passion.

I will be choosing 15 people to have their own spread in my book.

For this project I will be choosing five personal projects,

Personal interviews, and photo documentation.

The other ten will be your chance to tell me your story.

Become a part of my division.

Send an Email to TheHydrastation7@aol.com

Or a personal message to my Facebook


If you’re chosen I will then send you an email with your personal project and homework assignment for your placement in my book.

Groups I’m looking for my five Personal Interviews:


(Singers, solo and group)


(In any Medium)

Visual Artists

(Photographers, artists, fashion, etc)


(Grocery, Food Services in general, Blue Collar and White Collar)


(Drama/Theater acting, stand up,etc)

Local Gods (Party People)


(news, broadcasting,behind the camera, directing, etc)


The new wave of old school

Tattoo Artists

Fitness Gurus

Starving College Nut





And any other group you could suggest. I enjoy suggestions.


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Anya Kless is currently compiling a devotional to Lilith for Knickerbocker Circus. If you work with Lilith or know someone who does please repost this or send your submission to anyakless@gmail.com

This project aims to honor Lilith by recognizing Her many facets and faces, both historically and in modern practice. She is the untamed feminine, the wise counselor, the grieving mother, the shifting hermaphrodite, the first woman, and the sacred dominatrix. Perhaps because of Her complexity, it seems that She is making her presence known to more and more unsuspecting folk in recent years.

The first chapter of the book will attempt to collect and organize references to Lilith in various cultural lore and practice (Mesopotamia, Sumeria, Judaism, Kabbalah, folk tradition, and modern Western occultism). The majority of the book, however, will consist of devotional material and reflections from those who have experienced Her.

I am currently accepting rituals, poems, essays, songs, and other original material for this volume. The book already has a publisher (Knickerbocker Circus Press) and should be available in the early part of 2010. Please email questions and submissions to anyakless@gmail.com

Submission Deadline: December 1st

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